Single Path’s 24/7 Customer Support: Proactive monitoring solves IT problems before you know you have them.

The Chicago White Sox
had a problem and it wasn’t on the field. Their Contact Center Server was about to fail, but they didn’t know it. Fortunately Single Path was paying attention. Proactive monitoring at our Network Operations Center revealed signs of imminent failure. We applied a patch to the server before it failed, preventing any outage or interruption to customer service for White Sox fans.

At 4:30 am, teachers and administrators for Lake Bluff School District #65 were sleeping when proactive monitoring at Single Path’s Network Operations Center detected a problem with carrier equipment that caused an outage to the school’s phone lines. We fixed it for them by 7:00 am, saving the school an entire morning of potential downtime they hadn’t known they were facing.

Single Path’s 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC) helps provide small- and medium-sized businesses along with Enterprise Networks and School Districts with Managed Services for a full range of equipment from any and all manufacturers. Along with a full range of IT and communication services from any and all carriers this provides a total outsource technology solution for improved overall network health.

Shifts of qualified engineers work at the NOC at all times. They are knowledgeable in and comfortable with Single Path clients’ networks, serving as an extension of the business. Proactive monitoring and managing tools often help our engineers spot trouble before a device goes down, phones don’t work, or a site goes off-line. Single Path engineers watch alerts, track weather events like storms, and respond immediately to system outages.

Many of our clients hear about a problem only after it has already been fixed.

You also get personalized support when you need it, from the same team of IT engineers. We will answer the phone when you call, any time night or day – no pagers, no messages, no “someone will get back to you in the morning.” Troubleshooting happens fast. If we can’t solve your problem remotely we will dispatch an engineer to your location to fix it in person and restore the health of your network. Your PC users can even call us directly, saving your IT manager time to focus on broader issues.

24/7 proactive monitoring and proactive problem-solving are what make Single Path customer support an outstanding option for businesses like yours. Contact us to find out more.