Real life testimonials from satisfied Single Path clients


“On the evening of Saturday, November 15th, a core switch in our data center failed.  This caused a network outage that could have been very disruptive to our business come Monday morning.  Thankfully, due to Single Path’s 24X7 proactive monitoring/management agreement they were immediately aware of the issue.  After receiving an alert along with a call from Single Path a plan was put in place to resolve the outage as quickly as possible.  Single Path worked with Cisco to replace the faulty switch on Sunday morning and an engineer was onsite on Sunday to resolve the network issue.  Single Path’s service allowed for a potentially disastrous problem to be resolved with little to no impact to our business. Single Path’s support team did a good job at solving this problem in less than 24 hours over the weekend.  A huge thank you to everyone at Single Path who helped solved our outage.”
— Chris Nagel, Network Manager – Transportation Solutions Enterprises.



I want to compliment one of your excellent employees, David Green.

David’s upfront hard work and diligence has made our upgrade process go off without any issues and with minimal disruption to any of our employees. ICAP has always received quality service from SinglePath.

ICAP looks forward to working with SinglePath now and in the future. If anyone needs any assistance with phone or Cisco solutions (which I totally forgot and David reminded me),  I will always mention SinglePath.”

— Michael Citrano, Executive Vice President, Information Technology — Institutional Capital LLC

More Testimonials:

Every so often, we receive handwritten letters from our clients that give us kudos for our exceptional service and support.  Here is a recent example:

“Matt –

I wanted to take some time today to thank you for all of your help & support yesterday and today. Knowing that someone was going to help me throughout the day while on-boarding a new staff member made me feel less stressed & supported. You are incredibly awesome, and we appreciate you! Thank you again!”

— Gabriela Pedroza, Accelerate Institute CLICK HERE to view the original letter


“By using Single Path, we estimate start-up savings of as much as $50,000 per site because we were able to eliminate the need for separate systems at each site. In addition, Single Path provided a unified communications solution that allows us to offer state-of-the-art technology to our clients, which is a very real competitive advantage.”
— Ron Bockstahler, President – Amata, LLC.

“Single Path has brilliant engineers and project staff versed in hosted Voiceover IP, data, and call center technologies. They have helped us scale our business and deployed technologies enabling us to grow our revenue.”
— Ed Scanlan, President – Total Attorneys

“We have designed a customized application for our mission-critical call center by partnering with Single Path. Our call center is the lifeline of our business and how revenue flows into the organization. Single Path has played an important role in developing and deploying this technology as well as providing ongoing managed IT services for this platform.”
— Eric Rempel, Chief Technology Officer – Transportation Services Enterprises

“There are always a lot of managed IT service providers in Chicago that rave about how smooth a transition or conversion to a new VoIP and data network would be, but few that actually deliver on those promises. In the case of Single Path the solution was seamless, stable and far beyond expectations. They work in the government and education sector well.”
— Chuck Trongnetpanya, IT Director – Naperville Park District (formerly Elk Grove Park District’s IT Director)

“Things went very well. Everything was planned well by Single Path and it showed. All of our business voice and data systems and computer networks came up without a hitch. This move was by far the easiest and smoothest I’ve ever had. Single Path serves the smb market in flawless fashion.”
— John Savas, SPHR Partner/Human Resource Practice Leader – Blue Prairie Group, L.L.C.

“Thank you Single Path for coming to our rescue once again. We can always count on the best support from your team.”
— Chris Pisani – Awards International

“Because we didn’t have a deep knowledge and understanding of Voice over IP but knew we needed to make a change, we turned to Single Path for guidance. They were able to put us on the right path so that we could make the best decision for our business needs. From sales to installation and ongoing support, we know Single Path will get the job done right.”
— Tricia Czeszewski – Hamlin Technologies

“As usual, working with Single Path has been a smooth and professional experience. I look forward to working with Single Path in the future as our infrastructure and managed IT services develop.”
— Martin LeRoy, MIS Director – Adler School of Professional Psychology

“The quality of customer service that Single Path provided made this project run very smoothly. Once I spoke with Single Path about my request and after we discussed what I wanted, I had no doubts that they would take care of it. I wish I could count on all my vendors providing the quality support that Single Path does.”
– Rick Barnes, IS Manager, Dick’s Last Resort

“On Wednesday, May 15th, we have encountered an unplanned system outage caused by a power surge, and a failed UPS System. As a result of this outage, some components of the network infrastructure had been damaged and in need of being replaced. In addition to problems with failed equipment, some of the network switches lost their configurations. We then contacted Single Path’s support team, as well as the lead in Client Services (Alyssa Sosinski) regarding our need for help with coordination of replacement of failed hardware components, and recovery of network and phone system. Alyssa Sosinski was instrumental at escalating the issue, coordinated Single Path’s support team members to ensure immediate attention & offered to have a member of Single Path staff to come onsite for hands–on assistance (if necessary). The Single Path support team was prompt at ordering and tracking of replacement parts, assisted in recovery of lost configurations, and did whatever was necessary to help Regal get back to “operational” state. Alyssa Sosinski stayed on top of each issue and coordination of Single Path Support team until all issues had been resolved.

Over the course of the past two years we have gotten used to being able to rely on Single Path support team as if they were just another member of our immediate staff. We thank Single Path for their consistent and reliable support, and look forward to continued business in the future.”

Best regards,
Gary Fishman
IT Manager