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Single Path Education

Driving the change in how our schools educate

Single Path is changing the way schools educate. We do this by offering four core groups of solutions consisting of consult, execute, educate, and support. Each solution is focused around helping our schools achieve their goals and has been specially designed for education. Each one can operate on it’s own but when bundled together maximizes the full strength and expertise of a ten year old organization with over 1,500 clients helping transform your district, we have services for every age and groups of people, we can even help communities get more information on the online university for military that’s now available. To assist future students to get on the right path, several high school tutoring programs are available to help anyone in need.


Single Path consulting services are designed to leverage our experience in working with multiple school districts to help schools achieve their goals faster and more efficiently. These services include:

  •  Assessment – It all starts with a baseline. Where is your school at today and where do you want to go. We document technology from a physical perspective, how it is being used in the classroom, and what your district ultimately wants to do with it. The final deliverable presents strengths, weaknesses, and common themes of where the district wants to go. With these findings, we are able to work with the district to create a strategic plan for change.
  • Roadmap to Change – We collaborate with key stakeholders to create a strategic technology plan. This plan includes everything a district needs including student device selection, technology infrastructure, bandwidth, tools for the classroom, professional development, and an ongoing sustainable support model.
  • Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) – Vision and leadership are mission critical to a school district. We provide a resource to align technology with school district goals, create strategic vision, communicate this vision to the board of education, and provide leadership on an on demand part time basis.
  • Project Management Office (PMO) – Management with strong communication is the key to executing on a vision. We provide a single point of contact to manage all the moving pieces. This resource tracks the progress of the roadmap to change and supports the vCIO by providing updates to the district, resource coordination, and keeping all parties on task and in budget.


A solid infrastructure is a foundation to build success. We create a technology platform designed to enable schools to achieve their goals. These services include:

  • Technology Procurement – Selecting the right hardware and software, aligning it with the long term plan, making sure it all works together, and purchasing it through the most cost effective and reputable channels available maximizes your investments in technology.
  • Technology Deployment – The best hardware and software needs to be deployed properly to deliver on the promise of technology. We provide a team of highly skilled engineers to execute on the vision by configuring, installing, and supporting complex technology solutions such as high density wireless BYOD environments, 1:1 initiatives, and high speed fiber optic networks.


Teachers and staff are the most important resources within a school district. We provide the necessary professional development to allow schools to achieve their goals. These services include:

  • Instructor Lead – We offer traditional classes for up to 10 students at a time focused on relevant and ever changing topics while modeling best practices for content delivery.
  • Co-Teaching – One on one support in a live environment provides big impact to teacher development by working together with students to change the classroom. Strengths and weaknesses are uncovered and previously trained concepts are put into practice while having real time onsite support and feedback.
  • Coaching – Behind every great player is a strong coach. Designed to develop teacher’s skills and knowledge so that their job performance improves and student impact is greater. We help teachers embrace change and inspire them to become constant learners.
  • Mentoring – We map teachers to teachers. Everyone is at different places on their journey and we work to facilitate knowledge transfer, social capital, and the psychosocial support necessary for teachers to succeed faster and learn from their peers.


Ongoing and always needed, we provide the necessary support structure to allow schools to achieve and maintain their goals. These services include:

  • Onsite – Day to day onsite resources that report to you on a daily basis but are trained, coached, and managed by a technology company. This relationship allows for performance driven results and  flexibility without the traditional burden of human resources.
  • Remote Management – School networks are complex and require highly technical and diverse skill sets. With our remote management, districts are able to have their networks monitored and managed by our network operation center made up of a team of network engineers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Advanced Response Team – Not one person knows everything. Therefore, we offer access to our full team of highly trained and certified engineers. This team includes design, network operation center, deployment, emergency response, and field engineers.