Customer Case Study – Saint Anne Parish School

Single Path does it all for grade school

“Single Path is so easy to work with – it’s been awesome!”
Lauren Wolf, Technology Teacher
Saint Anne Parish School, Barrington IL

For some clients, Single Path designs and installs complete technology networks. For others, they monitor, support and troubleshoot such networks. For other clients still, Single Path conducts technology training and Professional Development. For Saint Anne Parish School, it’s all-of-the-above.

Saint Anne Parish School is a private Catholic school for students preschool to 8th grade, located in Barrington, IL. It comprises 400+ students and more than 50 faculty and staff. The school still occupies its original building, constructed and opened in 1927.

By 2013, the school’s technology network was badly outdated, and their technology provider was clearly underperforming. Challenges included having a single Wi-Fi feed with only three access points in the entire building, severely limiting access. “No one could really use it,” as Technology Teacher, Lauren Wolf boils it down. PC laptops were seven to eight years old.

The Archdiocese of Chicago took note, and suggested “transforming the technology in your school,” which led to the ouster of their existing technology provider and the hiring of Single Path. “It was a big transition from PC to MacBook,” Wolf reports, “but Single Path got us up to speed.”

Lauren Wolf had originally gone to school to become a teacher. The “IT angle,” as she puts it, was new to her. Single Path has been helping her learn. “They gave us a clear mindset about how we wanted to go, in terms of technology. And our teachers picked it up and ran with it.”

In just one year, Single Path has become a proven provider, valuable consultant, and trusted partner. The first devices for teachers were purchased in January, 2014, and today all teachers have MacBooks and iPads. The program includes a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) platform for students to use their own personal devices in the classroom; students can also check out school-owned iPads and other devices. A ChromeBook Cart is available for class-by-class short-term projects.

Single Path also monitors Saint Anne’s network constantly and provides a report monthly, and visits weekly for troubleshooting, answering questions, and offering ongoing Professional Development (PD). “It’s been night and day in terms of services from the company we had before,” Wolf continues. “We started experiencing problems, they weren’t meeting our needs. They’d fix an IT problem, then pack up and leave. Now with Single Path, if someone comes forward with a question, it’s answered within a week. We never received that type of support before.”

Going into 2015, Saint Anne’s measurable, long-term technology goals were not yet completely determined, but they will get there, with Single Path providing hardware purchase planning and any and all other advice and support as needed. Awesome indeed.