Customer Case Study – Naperville Park District


Rock Solid and Refreshing

“Single Path has provided us with a history of great experiences.”

Rob Wysocki
Director of Information Technology
Naperville Park District

Only four cities in Illinois are larger than Naperville. Its Park District is a good-sized operation comprising more than a dozen parks and 14 remote facilities in addition to its administrative offices. Supporting Naperville Park District requires a complex communications environment, including mobile devices for Program Managers out in the field.

Without the in-house expertise or experience to install and upgrade an enterprise Unified Communications platform themselves, the Naperville Park District relies on Single Path, to the unequivocal satisfaction of Director of Information Technology Rob Wysocki.

“Everything has gone smoothly,” reports Rob. “No issues, no disruptions, no problems.”

The NPD first enlisted Single Path to replace its Centrex VoIP system back in 2008, and everything has been “rock solid” ever since. In more than six years there was a need for only one support call – and that for a configuration issue, not even a breakdown or service interruption. Nothing had needed fixing; functionality had always been fine. By 2014, though, the gateway, hardware and software were nearing the end of their life cycle. It was time for an upgrade, and it had to be done right: critical pathways needed to stay running; downtime could not be afforded.  Rob again turned to Single Path.

They assembled a multi-person team, including Project Manager, Engineer, and Carrier Specialists. All members communicated well with each other and with Rob, keeping him in the loop every step of the way.

“We needed experienced people to lead this upgrade,” Rob relates. “And Single Path delivered a concerted effort from the early stages and planning, through tech plan and implementation. They were refreshing to work with.”

Partly because back in 2008 everything had been put into place properly, the 2014 upgrade was relatively straightforward to accomplish. On the other hand, several generations of software had come and gone by now, and four major licenses and other adds needed to be addressed. Overall, the project encompassed Cisco infrastructure, voice messaging, call manager, Compaq equipment, and more.

“It was a seamless transition, and there were no post-implementation issues,” according to Rob Wysocki. “We couldn’t have been more pleased.”

Thanks in part to Single Path, and more to Rob and his colleagues, the Naperville Park District continues on its mission to provide excellent recreational, educational and cultural experiences that enrich the quality of life for its large community. Refreshing indeed.