Owt trap, noitneverp ssol atad fo tra eht dna noitpyrcne (Encryption and the Art of Data Loss Prevention, Part Two)

With cyberthreats on the rise, and hackers becoming more sophisticated, strategies to protect your files are critical—and encryption is a tool too important to ignore. In our last post, we explained the basics and importance of data encryption. Now, we … Read More ›

Noitneverp ssol atad fo tra eht dna noitpyrcne. (Encryption and the Art of Data Loss Prevention)

Technology brings your staff closer, enables the sharing of files and information, and even allows off-site employees to work seamlessly together. But that convenience comes with a cost—with connectivity comes risk; with innovation comes vulnerabilities. Networks can be hacked, data … Read More ›

Phishing Part Two: Six More Techniques Hackers are Using to Steal Your Information

In the first part of this two-part post, we detailed some of the most common phishing techniques currently used by hackers, including email phishing, smishing and content spoofing. Here are some additional schemes you should be aware of. Spear Phishing … Read More ›

Phishing Part One: Six Techniques Hackers are Using to Steal Your Information

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We’re Only Human: The Importance of Security Awareness Training

The term ‘phishing’ became popular in the mid-1990s. It referred to fishing lures, because hackers used email ‘lures’ to hook passwords and other online information. The ‘ph’ was used instead of ‘f’ because some earlier hackers called themselves ‘phreaks.’ These … Read More ›