Phishing Part Two: Six More Techniques Hackers are Using to Steal Your Information

In the first part of this two-part post, we detailed some of the most common phishing techniques currently used by hackers, including email phishing, smishing and content spoofing. Here are some additional schemes you should be aware of. Spear Phishing … Read More ›

Phishing Part One: Six Techniques Hackers are Using to Steal Your Information

While you’re reading this blog, hackers are thinking of ways to steal passwords and personal information. Your passwords and personal information. They may use that data for themselves, or sell it on the open market. As we detailed in our … Read More ›

We’re Only Human: The Importance of Security Awareness Training

The term ‘phishing’ became popular in the mid-1990s. It referred to fishing lures, because hackers used email ‘lures’ to hook passwords and other online information. The ‘ph’ was used instead of ‘f’ because some earlier hackers called themselves ‘phreaks.’ These … Read More ›

Let’s Get Smart: Resources and Information About Illinois Senate Bill 1

As you probably know, the passing of Illinois SB 1 creates what many feel is a school funding formula that is equitable and includes a roadmap to adequacy. At the very least, that gust of wind you’re hearing is a collective … Read More ›