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VPN & Security
At Single Path, our approach to information security protects your entire network, not just individual products or applications.

Our VPN (virtual private network) services give authorized users throughout the world access to a central network. Network data is protected through multiple layers of authentication and encryption. With our secure slimVPN solutions, we can help you streamline processes, expand your reach, and improve overall productivity—as well as profitability.

Our complete offering of education and business data security solutions:

  • Protects e-mail, Web, and database servers from viruses and worms, data and identity theft, and overall application abuse
  • Is flexible enough to grow with you
  • Enables greater IT efficiency

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Single Path’s video products and services include:

  • Video telephony
  • Video conferencing applications
  • Live or on-demand video broadcasts
  • Hosted video conferencing
  • And more products available on

Our reliable and user-friendly applications enable convenient and efficient training, long-distance learning, and communication for all users, regardless of their location.

Switching and Routing

A systems-based approach to switching and routing gives all employees access to applications—even if they’re at different locations. And our managed services are offered in switches and routers with security features such as firewalls, encryption, and antivirus applications to protect critical network information.

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